Best Laptop To Get As A Student

If you, in this day and age, decide to go off to school without owning a decent computer, you are basically giving up pens and paper and going off to study. Does this make sense to you? Of course it doesn’t. If you don’t have a computer, and a decent one at that, you are only going to be able to learn so much and go so far before hitting the ceiling. There aren’t many skills that you can master without a laptop to help you on your journey. However, choosing a laptop is a task that you have to proceed with after exercising great caution.

You can’t just walk into a store and buy the first one that is one sale. You need to get the right laptop for your specific needs and to serve your own purpose. Whether you are getting it for yourself or for your child, you need to think about certain factors before going ahead with this decision and paying money for something you don’t even know. You can visit the great site using this link for alienware computer.

Portability Is Very Important Indeed

One thing you need to focus on is portability. A student is going to need to carry the thing around as often as they can. Do not get them a gaming laptop because of the distraction it provides. A laptop with a screen size of about 14” at most is perfect for a student. It is also important that you think about the durability of the laptop. You can check this out by trying to bend it a little and see how much give it has. If you can get a laptop where the body is made out of a metal instead of a plastic, you are probably going to be making a good choice if you get one. Of course, metal body means that you are going to be paying a lot more money for the laptop with lower specs. If you do have the budget for it, make sure you try to get it.

Do Not Get A Gaming OS
When it comes to the OS of the laptop, try not to get one that is suitable on a gaming laptop such as Windows. It does enable greater productivity, but it can also get a student addicted to distractions. A Chromebook might be a good idea if the student is of a younger age.

By far the best OS to increase schoolwork and other task productivity is probably the simple, clean Mac OS X. In terms of battery, you should look for one with over 6 hours of standby battery life.