How To Become A Serious Gamer

Many people are fascinated by the culture of gaming that sprang up when computers finally became technologically advanced enough to support complex and heavy graphics and sounds. From the days of pac man and number cruncher to Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing games (MMORPGs) today where several people across the world get to interact in real time, computer games have become an industry that supports millions of employees, with mainstream and the alternate circles, competitions and its own addictions. If you want to be a serious gamer, here are some things you will need to do:

Understand the Implications
If you haven’t already fallen under the spell of gaming, then chances are you don’t really know how addictive or seductive it can be. There are many stereotypes about serious gamers, some of which are true. For many people, gaming is a way of life, a way to connect to people in a way they cannot in real life. For others, it’s just about blowing some steam after a hard day’s work. Others are professional gamers, meaning they make their living from gaming competitions, or testing them. Decide where you want to fall in the mix; a good way to start may be playing as a hobby and then graduating from there.

Get the Right Gear
It’s ok to start off playing some simple games on your laptop as there are versions that won’t eat up much memory. However, a true gaming experience can only be had from a gaming desktop. 

You can either purchase one or outfit your console with a screen (PC will do), headphones and controls, or you can head down to the nearest gaming cafe and use a gaming PC there. These desktops are customized for gaming, meaning they have faster processors, better graphics and huge memories. It’s a good idea to go to a cafe first because you can figure out what you want and like while playing; you can even get help from the workers there. Buying your own is expensive, so think carefully about the purchase beforehand.

Start Small Before You Go Big
Computer games come in every level of difficulty possible, so start off small at first. Games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are good places to start as they will help hone your reflexes and spatial skills. There are also games that incorporate more narrative, like Civilization and 80 Days that take you through a story while you play it. As you get better at manipulating the controls and you gain more knowledge and experience about playing, you can advance onto more complicated games like Elder Scrolls and Endless Legend.