The Digital Era

We live in an era where Information Technology is a part of our everyday life. It is the cup of tea we have in the morning, the morning newspaper we read on our way to work, the game of badminton we play and the night of friendly banter with those we love. In many subtle –and also prominent- ways, ICT has now become an essential part of our lives.

In education

The computer revolutionized how we perceive education. It has now gone beyond the classroom and outdated text books, to a more virtual learning platform with real time, updated learning. Students are exposed to a repository of knowledge, which surpasses territorial, cultural and language barriers. This inspires creativity and new thinking in the students, as they are not limited to what they see and learn in the text books at school.

There are also many interactive learning programs that are tailored to help those students who need additional attention in class, or students with disabilities that need extra attention. These programs can be utilized by the students at his/her own pace, which makes learning even easier for them.

In entertainment

Technology has enhanced the notion of entertainment. From the black and white movies, we have now come to the era where we not only watch movies, but also ‘feel’ movies. The latest 5D technology makes the audience feel as if they are a part of the movie itself.

Moreover, technology has made entertainment easily accessible too. For an example, you no longer have to cry in a corner because you missed an episode of your favourite TV show. It’s just a matter of going to the TV show’s website and watching the entire episode there – also free of commercials! Furthermore, the ability to now carry books as PDFs in your iPad or the Tablet, and t purchase books online, have indeed made every book-lovers’ dream come true.

In sports

The notion of sports has expanded through technology – now moving to virtual realms. Playing a sport through a gaming PC in Perth is a common sight now.

Gaming PCs allow the users that gives a high-definition play experience, creating a real life scenario.

In communication

Remember the days that we used to wait outside a phone booth that offered IDD services and spend a few hundred dollars to make a phone call where both the parties will be desperately shouting to be heard? Technology changed this. Now, through various platforms such as Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp and Viber, communication has become easy, fun and cheap! Indeed, technology has helped us surpass boundaries, and keep our loved ones closer.